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here’s our team: @una_music played harp! @guess_newmodel and Will Schorre played electronics! Ulas Kurugullu played Erhu and strings! @EdSunspot made the amazing cover art and design! Rashad Becker mastered the album! And Michal Mendyk made it all possible in the first place! 🥇

Do any of my friends have or have access to an @Kodak Luma 150 Portable Projector, or similar, that I could borrow? Need to work out if it suits what I'm trying to do before I get one. Thank you ♥️

Back from @EdinTradfest after talk, panel and discussion on #gender and #TraditionalMusic #FolkMusic. Great questions + engagement from audience and my thanks to @LoriWatsonmusic @LLCatEdinburgh and panel for putting this conversation front and centre. 1/4

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