Canter Single Release Úna Monaghan & Lyra Pramuk

Úna Monaghan, harpist, composer and sound engineer in collaboration with Berlin-based artist Lyra Pramuk release their new single CANTER on 9 July 2021. The two artists met in the United States in 2013. In the intervening years Úna has held artist residencies in Paris, Montréal and Cambridge, releasing her debut album ‘For’ in 2018. Lyra released her debut album ‘Fountain’ in 2020. They sought to reconnect to explore possibilities for collaboration and during a weekend of experimentation this track CANTER came to be. A moment of time encapsulating a personal and professional relationship of respect and curiosity.

Speaking on the release Úna says:

“I wanted us to meet up without expectation or pressure and see what we produced, so we organised to meet at Lyra’s studio in Berlin for some experimentation. There wasn’t necessarily a requirement or a certainty that we would have an outcome, or that anything would be released. It is great when that is possible – things are wide open –  and this track came out of that time. We both enjoy combining acoustic and electronic elements. It doesn’t have a specific theme or subject matter; instead it captures that weekend – elements of a feeling, a relationship, and a time.”

Lyra says:

“It was a beautiful moment of reconnecting spontaneously – meeting each other at different points on our creative journeys after a few years, meeting again. I really wanted to try to help bring out the voice of Úna and her harp within the musique concrete language I work in. And I am still so happy we did it. For me I really wanted to facilitate Úna’s sound blending in some elements of my production voice to create something that would feel both new and timeless, and reverent toward the musical histories Úna represents.”

The track was mixed by TJ Allen, who brought a new perspective to the open texures and sounds. Artwork for this track was produced by visual artist Fionnuala McGowan. CANTER featured as part of The MAC Belfast’s video series “Home – Noli Timere”; .

Úna Monaghan is an Irish harper, composer and sound engineer. Harnessing her background in Irish traditional music, live electronics, experimental music and improvised music, Úna creates a unique sound.  Úna performs with harp and electronics and released her debut album ‘For’ in 2018.

Lyra Pramuk fuses classical vocalism, pop sensibilities, performance practices and contemporary club culture in what can best be described as futurist folk music. Citing musical collaborators such as Holly Herndon and Colin Self, collaborations with the visual artist Donna Huanca, freelance writing projects, and an ongoing international performance schedule, there are a variety of creative nodes that come to feed back into Lyra’s practice. Lyra is based in Berlin, Germany. Previous works include ‘Fountain’ (2020).

CANTER will be released digitally on Bandcamp and on all streaming and online stores on Friday July 9 2021.

Visit: for more information.

Úna Monaghan – Harp

Lyra Pramuk – Soundscape, Samples

Produced by Úna Monaghan & Lyra Pramuk

Composed by Úna Monaghan & Lyra Pramuk

Mixed by TJ Allen

Mastered by Shawn Joseph

Artwork by Fionnuala McGowan

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