FairPlé is a movement that aims to achieve gender balance in the production, performance, promotion, and development of Irish traditional and folk music. We advocate for equal opportunity and balanced representation for all.


The website and mission statement are here: https://www.fairple.com/home-3/

While there is a marked imbalance in representation professionally and on festival lineups, I believe that the roots of the problem begin very early.  Body language in sessions; the methods of sharing or playing traditional music favour confidence; expectations that women look or sound a certain way, or even play a certain instrument.  This movement is for all, and I hope it impacts on all the ways in which we play, learn and share traditional music. Get in touch here: https://www.fairple.com/contact-1/   or on Facebook and Twitter: @fairple

In an effort to provide a resource for festivals, promoters, venues, musicians and educators, we are compiling a directory of female folk and traditional musicians worldwide. Please submit your details here: https://www.fairple.com/submissions/

And support us on social media using the #FairPlé !

This movement is for everyone.