Quiet Music Night

Quiet Music Night


Quiet Music Night is a relaxed Friday night house concert, to get musicians together and encourage people to have new collaborations or try out new performances.

There are buns, candles, cushions and no shoes. Ensembles of 1-3 people (more if you make a good case, and can fit, without bows in ears) will play, anything from 10 mins – half an hour. Sound / music in any style, but “quiet”, generally acoustic, although some technology is available. There is also an old piano (of questionable tuning). In the spirit of Quiet Music Night, we hope performers will try something different to how they usually play (new instrument / piece / bandmate…)

Unfortunately Quiet Music Night can’t be advertised publicly because of its current location, but maybe in the future it will be move to a bigger venue!

Quiet Music night is run in collaboration with visual artist and set designer Ita Monaghan.

Past Performances:
12th October 2013

Ciara O’Neill
Barry Cullen
Bernie Stocks and Kelly Hanvey
Geoff Gatt and the Rockpool Band
Cosmic Space Jazz

26th August 2012 – in association with Household Festival

David McCann
Anna Weisling, Ole Heggli & Andy Harrison
Cedric Has a Name
Cavan and Adam
Joel Cathcart
Adnan Marquez-Borbon
Rachel Austin

29th June 2012

Eduardo Patrício
Cormac Gould
Caroline Pugh
Tyler Green
Myles McCormack

18th November 2011

Kevin McCullagh and Úna Monaghan
Gabril Hoskin
Conan McIvor – Liminal Lands
Isobel Anderson

1st October 2011

Ben Maier
Ciara O’Neill
Michael Dzjaparidze
Myles McCormack
Rachel Austin
Conor Barry

25th March 2011

Gascia Ouzounian and Úna Monaghan
Andy Train
Noise. Stop. Repeat.
Ian and Tim Holehouse
Tyler Green

11 February 2011

Paul McMordie
Adnan Marquez-Borbon

29th December 2010

Ricki O’Rawe
Geoff Hatt, Caoimhe McAlister, Bongo John
Cormac Gould
Albrecht’s Pencil

21st November 2010

Caroline Pugh and Úna Monaghan
Myles McCormack
The Winding Stair
Isobel Anderson
Kevin McCullagh
David McCann
Rachel Austin

8th October 2010

Éamonn O’Faogain
Pete Courtney
Sophie Coyle
The Wee Weirdies
Christine Deady
Úna Monaghan and Rohan Young
Myles McCormack