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Hi musicians and artists. There is a lot going on online at the minute. If that’s not what you do, don’t be overwhelmed by all those who do. Keep in touch with your own creativity and what that means to you. And if you can’t do anything right now, that’s ok. 1/3

I am taking this very seriously. Every doctor and scientist I know is taking this very seriously. I’m related to some of them. Keep distance so as many people as possible can stay safe X thank you to key workers of all kinds ♥️

Belfast Trust@BelfastTrust

Now is the time to stay at home. Our respiratory team have a clear message- stay at home to save lives #stayathome #fightback #COVID19 #jointhefightback

Completely brilliant music from Catherine McEvoy, Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh and Míchéal Ó Raghallaigh on @RTERnaG .
God I love that album

The pandemic that preceded this one was of anxiety and burnout, yet there still seems to be a social pressure for “productivity” in these extreme circumstances.

Why? Unpick the culture.

Productivity is a capitalist energy and rhythm. We should all actually be doing less.

Faoiseamh ón ngruaim anocht ar Malairt Poirt le Muireann ar @RTERnaG óna 7-9pm. Beidh agallamh agam leis an ceoltóir is cumadóir @una_music maraon le ceol ó Éireann agus i bhfad i gcéin. Tagaíg ar aistir ceoil liom. ❤

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